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1.1. You can register for training courses via the SAP online raining catalog or by sending a written application by post, fmail to the training department at the relevant training center. We regret that we are unable to accept registrations over the telephone. Applications are registered in the order in which they are received. If there are no places available on the training course on the date requested, your name will be added to the waiting list. SAP does not automatically transfer bookings to the next available course date.
1.2. A confirmation of your registration will be sent when your order has been processed. This will provide information on the time the course starts, the time it finishes, the cost of the course and any other special information that may be required.
1.3. If you do not receive a confirmation from SAP within one week, please contact our training department.

2.1. Cancellations are to be sent to us in writing by post, fax or email.
2.2. If we receive the cancellation less than 14 calendar days before the start of the course, we will invoice you for 50% of the cost of the course.
2.3. You will be invoiced for the full price of the course for any cancellation received within three working days of the start of the course.
2.4. The cancellation fees listed under Points 2.2 and 2.3 will apply even if the training course is rebooked for a later date.
2.5. If a training course has to be cancelled by SAP for organizational reasons, no claims over and above cost of the training course already paid can be asserted.

3.1. The fees listed in the overview of training courses are per delegate. They include a complete set of training documentation and the cost of lunch. VAT at the statutory rate is not included and this will be added to the amount. Payments are due 30 days after invoice creation. No discounts are given for cash payment. We reserve the right to change the prices.
3.2. If the customer wishes to pay the course fees in Euros, the payment is calculated by converting the relevant course fee in Swiss Francs into Euros using the average rate on the day the invoice is issued.

4.1. The rules for the training course and the training times are binding.
4.2. Infringements may result in the delegate being excluded from the course. This will not constitute grounds to claim reimbursement of course fees.

5.1. SAP will store and process within the SAP group the personal data of course delegates in accordance with the regulations set out in data protection legislation.

6.1. The course and exercises are designed in such a way that an attentive delegate can attain the course objective. For this reason, a maximum of two participants generally share one PC or terminal. SAP does not accept any liability for the success of the training course.
6.2. At the end of the course the delegates will be given written confirmation of attendance and the subject matter of the course will be listed
6.3. Claims for damages will only be accepted if proof is furnished of deliberate or gross negligence. In the event of gross negligence and the absence of a feature for which SAP has provided a guarantee, liability is limited to the foreseeable loss which the infringed obligation or guarantee was intended to prevent. These limitations of liability shall not apply to liability for injury to persons and liability in accordance with the law on product liability. A defense of contributory negligence shall remain open. All claims against SAP for compensation or reimbursement of wasted expenditure in the case of contractual and non-contractual liability - except in cases of specific intent or in the case of personal injury - shall be subject to a period of limitation of one year after becoming aware of the grounds for the claim. The period of limitation shall start at the latest two years after the reason for the claim has occurred.
6.4. No liability is accepted during the training course for items brought by the delegate.
6.5. The course delegate is liable for any losses incurred by SAP as a result of passing on training documentation without SAP's written authorization.

7.1. SAP retains all rights, including those for translation, reproduction and reprinting part or all of the training documentation. No parts of the documentation may be reproduced without SAP's written authorization.

8.1. These conditions of participation shall apply exclusively. Other conditions shall not form part of the contract, even if SAP does not expressly contradict these.

9.1. Germany:
The court of jurisdiction in Germany for all disputes between the parties to the contract shall be Karlsruhe. German law only shall apply.
9.2. Austria:
The court of jurisdiction in Austria for all disputes between the parties to the contract shall be Vienna. Austrian law only shall apply.
9.3. Switzerland:
For training courses provided by SAP (Switzerland) AG BIEL shall be the EXCLUSIVE COURT OF JURISDICTION for all disputes arising between the parties to this contract. The applicable law shall be the law of Switzerland.


Education Offerings

Education Offerings mean the SAP hosted learning products for internal use by Customers as described in

All orders of Education Offerings are governed by the SAP Cloud Services General Terms and Conditions and the SAP Education Offering(s) specific Supplement Terms. Copies of the most current SAP Cloud Services General Terms and Conditions are found under SAP Cloud Agreements at and the SAP Education Offering(s) specific Supplement Terms are found under Education Agreements at and made a part hereof.




Last updated on 25 Jul 2016.